Bullseyehub - The smart way to promote your events online

Promoting an event online is a time consuming process and there is so much to think about. To have maximum impact, you’ll have to post your listings on event sites, try to keep track of your email and SMS campaigns and maybe write updates for Facebook, Twitter and other social netoworking sites, among other things. All this takes time and keeping on top of it all is a difficult task. If this sounds all too familiar, you will be pleased to hear about Bullseyehub - a smarter way to reach your customers online. Within one system Bullseyehub provide a whole bunch of useful tools to make online promotion easy, quick and more effective. Once you bring your ticket selling in-house with Ticket Tailor, it can be nice to have a helping hand with event promotions to ensure you maximise ticket sales.

So what does it have to offer?

  • Event broadcast submits your event to 40+ listing sites. You just need to enter your event details once, click a button and you are away. This increases your audience and also helps out with your natural search listings. Be sure to include you ticket links with your listings and this will be circulated across the web and help to drive ticket sales.
  • Email and SMS campaign management enables you to create, send and track your email and SMS campaigns. It also allows you to build a mobile web page for your event with polls and maps.
  • Social networking tools allow you to create all of your twitter and facebook updates for the week in one go and to schedule when they should be posted. Any retweets and replies are then automatically monitored.

All this saves a load of time. Now add their analytics on top and you can get a clear picture of how effective your campaigns are and understand more about your customers.

We recommend Bullseyehub. Not only will it save you loads of time and effort, but it works really well alongside Ticket Tailor. Just as Ticket Tailor makes it easy to take your ticketing in-house, Bullseyehub does the same with event promotion.

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