April 2011 Posts

How Fieldview Festival sell tickets online

Fieldview is a small and independent festival based around the principle that things are always better done yourself.  The Festival is DIY, not for profit, based around good people, good music, environmental preservation and awareness.  It’s no wonder they wanted to do their ticketing themselves and they called on Ticket Tailor to help.

Fieldview festival ticket selling systemFieldview festival needed a system to sell festival tickets, coach tickets from various locations and t-shirts.  When people purchase t-shirts, they wanted them to be able to select colour and size variations.  Fieldview festival had problems with this in previous years and were keen to get a system that worked well.  We customised the ticket selling process for them so that when anyone purchases a t-shirt it would ask them to select a size and colour which is then stored against their order.

In addition Fieldview festival wanted a slick white label experience to match their website which was no problem for Ticket Tailor.

On going live they took a records number of sales on the first day.

Here’s what they had to say about their experience with Ticket Tailor:

Ticket Tailor were happy to help us keep it simple for us and our customers. Everything was delivered ahead of schedule and exactly how we wanted in to look and work. The unique Ticket Tailor system allows us and our customers to save money. Everyone wins!
Dan Cameron, Festival Director

Ticket Tailor is a flexible ticket platform that lends itself well to all kinds of events.  If you need help with selling tickets on-line be sure to give us a call (especially if you want to save money on booking fees!!).

0207 193 7027 / info@tickettailor.com / www.tickettailor.com

New features

We have been busy here at Ticket Tailor HQ, listening to your feedback and getting updates in place.  Recently we have put quite a few things live, so here’s a round-up:

Export door-lists as spreadsheets
You can now export your door-list as an on-line printout or a spreadsheet download and you can arrange the list by e-ticket or name.  It’s still possible to filter by tickets purchased as before.

Export customer data
Up until now we have manually provided customer data as CSVs on request.  Now we have a tool that allows you to export the data whenever.  You can select the fields you are interested in and filter by ticket types.  To export customer data for an event, go to your event via the control panel, click “Orders”, and then click “Export customer data”.  This can be useful for your own marketing or contacting your customers with event notices.

Upload event flyers
When adding or editing an event you may have noticed a new tool to upload event flyers.  This will add the flyer to your event page.  Pretty useful in itself but we have bigger plans for these to come.

Custom order email confirmations
You can now create your own email confirmation messages.  This can be very useful for situations where you need to provide additional event information such as directions or agenda.  Our system allows you add place-holders for specific customer information such as their name or e-ticket code.  To change the default for all of your events go to “Settings”, “Customisation”, and select “Define a custom email” from the drop-down under “Order confirmation email”.  To override this email for specific events, just go to the event, click “Edit details” and select “Define a custom email” from the drop-down under “Order confirmation email” as before.

We have got loads more useful new features planned too so we’ll keep you updated as they come.

How Soundcrash sell tickets online

Soundcrash put on a range of live shows and club nights specialising in Hip Hop, Electronic and Dance music from around the world.  Some of their upcoming shows include DJ Yoda, Bonobo, and Tinariwen to name a few, and you may see their events at venues like Xoyo, Koko, and Jazz Cafe.  They also organise the Soundwave festival in Croatia.

Soundcrash have a big reputation and therefore sell a lot of tickets through their website.  The website is clear, easy-to-use and focused on events making it ideal for them to sell tickets.  They use a wide range of ticket agencies to help them sell tickets including See Tickets, We Got Tickets and Ticket Web and they have now introduced Ticket Tailor as an option to allow their customers to order via PayPal.  This is ideal as they get the benefits of working with ticket agencies, but can avoid the booking fees when people book direct through them.

The ticket buying process is white-labelled to fit with the Soundcrash website providing a slick streamlined experience for their customers.

“So far using Ticket Tailor has been an good experience for Soundcrash, enabling us to re-coup the majority of our booking fees whilst not having to re-engineer the back end of our site to do this directly. My staff have found TT managers very helpful, with an open mind to new ways of promoting and selling tickets”

Rob Waller, Soundcrash

If you are looking for an integrated ticket booking system without the booking fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)207 193 702, or info@tickettailor.com.