New features

We have been busy here at Ticket Tailor HQ, listening to your feedback and getting updates in place.  Recently we have put quite a few things live, so here's a round-up: Export door-lists as spreadsheets You can now export your door-list as an on-line printout or a spreadsheet download and you can arrange the list by e-ticket or name.  It's still possible to filter by tickets purchased as before.

Export customer data Up until now we have manually provided customer data as CSVs on request.  Now we have a tool that allows you to export the data whenever.  You can select the fields you are interested in and filter by ticket types.  To export customer data for an event, go to your event via the control panel, click "Orders", and then click "Export customer data".  This can be useful for your own marketing or contacting your customers with event notices.

Upload event flyers When adding or editing an event you may have noticed a new tool to upload event flyers.  This will add the flyer to your event page.  Pretty useful in itself but we have bigger plans for these to come.

Custom order email confirmations You can now create your own email confirmation messages.  This can be very useful for situations where you need to provide additional event information such as directions or agenda.  Our system allows you add place-holders for specific customer information such as their name or e-ticket code.  To change the default for all of your events go to "Settings", "Customisation", and select "Define a custom email" from the drop-down under "Order confirmation email".  To override this email for specific events, just go to the event, click "Edit details" and select "Define a custom email" from the drop-down under "Order confirmation email" as before.


We have got loads more useful new features planned too so we'll keep you updated as they come.