Guestlist management made easy (and free)

Not every event needs to sell tickets in advance.  You may have an event which is free or you may want people to pre-register and then pay on the door when they arrive at the event.  If this is the case, running an on-line guestlist is a great way to go. It's great for the ticket buyers because they know they are on the list and will be able to get in.  It's also great for the event organisers because they have an idea of numbers and can collect contact details to engage with their customers.

Now it's possible to run your guestlists from Ticket Tailor and best of all it's totally free.  Sign up for the basic package and when adding tickets to your event just tick the box that says "Free ticket / guestlist".  You get all the benefits of our door-lists, data exports, customisable emails and SMS notifications as well as keeping all your events in one place.  You can also run guestlists alongside events you sell tickets for.