How to track referrals when selling tickets online

Track Online Ticket SalesTicket Tailor now allows you to track where your sales originate from and it presents the results in a nice graph.  This allows you to see which of your marketing efforts are channelling the most sales.  You can also use this to arm your ticket reps and affiliates with their own links and reward them based on how well they sell. Here's how you set it up:

  1. Within your Ticket Tailor control panel click through to Promotional Tools and then click Buttons and links.
  2. Select which event you want to create links for or, if it's for all your events, select All Events.
  3. Enter a unique referral tag, this is used for tracking.  For example if the link was for a facebook campaign on a particular date you could use "facebook-03072011", or if it was for your ticket rep you might just want to use their name.  This tag is used later for tracking your links so use something that makes sense.
  4. Click Update links and buttons.
  5. Copy the code for the button or link you wish to use, and paste it where you want to use it.  If this is for a ticket rep you can email them the code.

Once in place you can track sales from the Event Summary page.  Select Referral sales summary from the sales statistics drop-down.  Once your referral links have started generating sales the figures will appear here.

There you have it, ticket affiliate and sales tracking now available on Ticket Tailor.