Interview with film festival: Anonymous

Conceived by Anonymous as a film festival dedicated solely to design, A Design Film Festival launched in Singapore and has travelled to Berlin, Taipei, Kaohsiung and Bangkok. In 2011, the festival returns with a brand new line-up, expanded programme and new collaborations.

What are your most effective event marketing methods?

Our newsletter has proved to be the most effective channel for updating our subscribers on new events. I think social media is great and has big potential in engaging your audience, but nothing beats a well-crafted email newsletter.

How were you selling tickets before using Ticket Tailor?

Eventbrite and Stage HQ

How has Ticket Tailor helped you sell tickets for your events?

Booking fees are like paying for tap water in a restaurant - it never made sense. Ticket Tailor's innovative model has helped make our events more affordable to our customers.

You can find out out more about Anonymous and A Design Film Festival via their website and twitter: /  @madebyanonymous