Sell tickets online using PayPal

Selling TicketsSelling tickets online using PayPal can save you a lot of money. With the fees starting at just 3.4% + 20p per transaction it works out way more cost effective than using a ticket agency which are more around the 10% mark. You can accept credit and debit cards, payments are instant and it’s really easy to sign up. However, PayPal isn’t a ticketing solution. It’s a payment solution. If you’ve tried to sell tickets just using PayPal you may have come across the following problems:

Creating a doorlist can be a nightmare. You have to create a list of names from your payment activity. If you are selling for multiple events or using your PayPal for other things it becomes even more difficult. Don’t even think about having separate doorlists for different ticket types.

You most likely want to send people an e-ticket email or SMS. With PayPal alone this is difficult as you will need to manually arrange sending out emails to your customers. Collating this information is also difficult, just like creating a doorlist.

You can’t issue free tickets. Since all activity is based on receiving payments you will have to use a separate system for recording any free tickets that have been issued. It’s often this is managed by saying email us for tickets at... but this requires more work for the customer and more work for you.

Okay, so PayPal is good for taking payments but is impractical as a ticketing solution. That’s where Ticket Tailor comes in.

Add Ticket Tailor to the mix...

Add your events and tickets to Ticket Tailor, link it with your PayPal account and immediately your life is easier:

Event listing pages You get your own event listing pages. Customers can browse your listings and event pages which may feature event descriptions, images and tickets. These pages can be customised to look exactly like your website, and are automatically optimised for search engines and smart phones. The Facebook app keeps your Facebook page up to date with ticket links automatically.

Sell tickets Customers can select the tickets they want go through a checkout process and then pay direct to you via PayPal. You can brand and customise the e-ticket email your customers receive and even send them SMS e-tickets.

Export doorlists You can easily export a doorlist for any event which is then used for checking customers in. You can drill down by ticket type and order by name or e-ticket number. Essential information such as ticket types and customer name and postcode are included on the lists. This can include paid and free tickets.

Export customer data You may need to send out important information just before the event, or you might want to thank everyone for coming afterwards. You can simply export your customer data and email them using your favourite newsletter system.

There are loads of other beneifts too but you get the idea: Ticket Tailor makes PayPal much better for selling tickets online. Best of all we don’t add on fees to ticket sales (we let you add a booking fee to tickets if you wish which you get to keep). Check out our pricing page for subscription details. Any questions, please email us at