How Scare Nation sell tickets online

Scare Nation is a new  scare attraction in the UK tipped as ‘a truly terrifying experience brought to life by some of the top scare performers in the industry’.

Scare Nation sell tickets in advance for their attraction and approached Ticket Tailor to see if we could help.  They have tickets for multiple days, times and have different prices for adults and children.  They also had a great looking website and they wanted a consistent design on their ticket pages.

With all the dates, times and ticket types this could quickly become an unwieldy list of tickets so we broke it down in to steps by date and then time giving their customers a nice simple checkout flow.  After selecting a date and time customers can then choose how many adult and child tickets they want for that slot.

Ticket Tailor allows you duplicate event listings in just a few clicks.  This made loading up all the various dates very straight forward.

We then skinned the ticket pages so it matched their website seamlessly.

"Everyone is really impressed.  For a company that have never sold tickets on-line before, we have found everything really easy to set up." Director, Scarenation Ltd.

To find out more about Scare Nation check out their website at, or their YouTube channel at

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