October 2011 Posts

Europas Award 2011: Vote for us!

We are ecstatic over here at Ticket Tailor!

We’ve been short listed for ‘Best Business and Enterprise Startup’ in the Europas (European Tech Startup Awards).

Held annually, The Europas are the main European Awards for early stage technology startups. They are selected by a combination of an expert Advisory Board (which changes every year) and voting by the industry itself.

According to TechCrunch, the shortlist is comprised of “the best new early stage startups in Europe, and the people making it all happen” and Ticket Tailor are honoured to feature. Read the full article here.

But we need your help – please vote for us here.

You’ve already shown us so much support, and we wouldn’t be here without you so please take one moment to vote for us!

To find us, just press control + F and type ticket.

The Best Things in Life are (Booking-fee) Free

Let’s do some quick maths, remember these maths scenarios from school?

John sells 300 tickets at £10 to his gig through an agency. The agency charges him a booking fee of 65p on each ticket, plus 2.5% of each ticket’s value. How much, in cash, will he pay in booking fees?

If like us, maths isn’t your favourite hobby – and you’d rather do without complicated sums to work out how much you’re paying to sell your tickets – then Ticket Tailor is your new best friend.

Ticket Tailor doesn’t charge a single penny in booking fees, service charge or commission. Just one small flat fee to sell as many tickets as you possibly can.

So John from our maths scenario would’ve paid a whopping £270 to sell 300 tickets through a ticket agency. If he’d used Ticket Tailor, he wouldn’t have paid any of those fees – just a simple subscription from £9/month.

Simple and effective.

On average, booking fees will take a healthy (unfair) slice of your revenue. And if you’ve worked hard to promote your event, why give away more than you have to?

In May, Which? Magazine featured an investigation into “almost overwhelming” fees charged by most agencies and venues. Unsurprisingly, 91% of 3,500 people thought these fees were unfair.

Using our system, which includes Facebook, blog and website integration, will not only save you hard earned cash – but relieve you from unnecessary mathematics!

For your next event, remember Ticket Tailor: 40,978 booking-fee-free tickets sold and counting…

Using Live Unsigned to promote gigs effectively


So you’re selling tickets at a lower rate than you’d like and the next gig is around the corner. How else should you promote the shows that could make your music bigger than Lady Gaga’s?

LiveUnsigned.com is a central depot for all the hottest show listings of unsigned and small label artists worldwide. It’s quick, easy and best of all – used by thousands looking for great shows everyday.

Live Unsigned features:

  • Over 6,500 artist profiles
  • Over 3,000 venue profiles
  • Over 800 upcoming listed shows

and is dedicated to promoting only small to medium sized gigs to communities around the world.

It’s also a useful site for anyone into the live music scene to discover gigs and small venues in a new city when travelling.

Even without an account all users can access:

  • Free searchable show listings
  • Searchable show map
  • Artist profile pages
  • Venue profile pages
  • Reviews of Artists and Venues
  • Weekly posts with online tips and advice for DIY musicians in the Live Unsigned Blog

Unsigned bands and small label music artists can sign up easily with an existing Facebook or Soundcloud profile to:

  • Add your artist / venue profile
  • Post gigs
  • Write reviews
  • Follow artists – so you can get recommendations from Live Unsigned for shows based on your tastes

There are no limits to the audiences artists can reach through LiveUnsigned.com. The website aims to support as many languages as possible and is translated into German, Spanish and Italian – with French on the way.

Live Unsigned also integrates seamlessly with Facebook likes and Soundcloud tracks so artists can upload tracks to their Live Signed profile.

Perfect for growing your fan base quickly and easily.

And like Ticket Tailor, Live Unsigned makes it easy to promote your band. Once listings have been entered for a band, act or venue, Live Unsigned gives you the code to embed these listings anywhere i.e. on your music blog or website.

With Wikipedia style portable listings and editable show details, music artists around the world can improve or change their listing content at any time.

The cherry on the cake comes in the form of the Live Unsigned blog. It’s updated at least once a week with advice on savvy new ways for artists to build their following. They even show you how you can use social media and other resources to keep your act bringing in the money.

Sign up at www.LiveUnsigned.com and help your music hit the big time.