The Best Things in Life are (Booking-fee) Free

Let’s do some quick maths, remember these maths scenarios from school?

John sells 300 tickets at £10 to his gig through an agency. The agency charges him a booking fee of 65p on each ticket, plus 2.5% of each ticket’s value. How much, in cash, will he pay in booking fees?

If like us, maths isn’t your favourite hobby – and you’d rather do without complicated sums to work out how much you’re paying to sell your tickets – then Ticket Tailor is your new best friend.

Ticket Tailor doesn't charge a single penny in booking fees, service charge or commission. Just one small flat fee to sell as many tickets as you possibly can.

So John from our maths scenario would've paid a whopping £270 to sell 300 tickets through a ticket agency. If he’d used Ticket Tailor, he wouldn't have paid any of those fees – just a simple subscription from £9/month.

Simple and effective.

On average, booking fees will take a healthy (unfair) slice of your revenue. And if you've worked hard to promote your event, why give away more than you have to?

In May, Which? Magazine featured an investigation into “almost overwhelming” fees charged by most agencies and venues. Unsurprisingly, 91% of 3,500 people thought these fees were unfair.

Using our system, which includes Facebook, blog and website integration, will not only save you hard earned cash – but relieve you from unnecessary mathematics!

For your next event, remember Ticket Tailor: 40,978 booking-fee-free tickets sold and counting…