2 Minute Interview: BizVision

Drum roll please! We're showcasing insider tips and hints by giving the spotlight to some of the brightest companies around - but only for 2 minutes!

First up, are the brilliant guys over at BizVision.

Before you answer our 12 second questions, tell us a little about BizVision?

BizVision is run by people who understand the challenge of running a business - we know because we are doing it ourselves!

That means the advice and support we give as a business development and performance improvement company is totally relevant - even if it may have been gained from the hard knocks of business life!

We've changed to meet the new demands of business support and in changing we are saying we now more clearly offer  a way for our clients to grow dynamically, increase profits, retain customers and hammer competitors!

Q1: Sum up your events in a sentence?

Our events are totally focused on delegates gaining practical ways to grow dynamically and achieve potential.

Q2: Why should people come to your event?

We are passionate about delivering results for delegates not ticking boxes.

Q3: Why do you like working in this industry?

The great letters to get when you have helped a business person achcive their dream or goals.

Q4:  What’s been your most successful event?

The launch of the 2012 Olympic opportunities in Weymouth at exactly the spot where the sailing events will take place.

Q5: How has Ticket Tailor helped you sell tickets for your events?

Ticket tailor allows us to concentrate on managing the event itself whilst automating our ticketing and providing a 24/7 box office.

Q6: How were you selling tickets before using Ticket Tailor?

Snail post, fax, telephone and almost hanging around street corners to bump into businesses!

Q7: What’s your favourite way to market yourselves?

Producing videos to link between ticket tailor, our site and You Tube. Oops there goes a big secret of ours!

Q8: If you could invite one celebrity to your event, who would it be?

Sir Bruce Forsyth.

Q9: And why?

Not just because its "nice to see delegates to see them nice" but because he is expert at reinventing and marketing himself.

Q10: Where do you hope to be in one year?

Our new programme The Executive Boardroom buzzing with ticket sales via ticket tailor.

For more information, check out BizVizion here.