4 Super Savvy Tools for Event Organisers

Event organisers are, by nature, sociable, savvy and… run off their feet. But what happens when you’ve exhausted many of the generic avenues to promote your awesome event?

That’s where the likes of Bullseyehub, Eventasaurus, FanBridge and Ticket Tailor become priceless. They take the exhausting legwork out of event organisation, leaving your free to do what you do best – putting on a great show.

For Social Network Soldiers:

Eventasaurus is every event organisers dream – imagine being able to post your event on several social networks at once and reply to any queries super fast from one platform. The days of logging into multiple social networks are long gone. Eventasaurus will allow you to spread the word about your event and where to buy tickets (using Ticket Tailor of course!). Check out their awesome software at www.eventasaur.us .

For Event’s Listing Lovers:

Using Bullseyehub is the equivalent of personally sending an event invite to the entire online event community – you can list your event once and publish it across the web with a single click. Amongst many other things, Bullseyehub offers tracking of your event in top search engines and a buzzing audience of up to 16 million people. It doesn’t get much better. Check them out here: www.bullseyehub.com .

For Fan Base Fanatics:

Fanbridge’s all inclusive software can literally grow your brand fan base by millions. With over 90 million fans managed worldwide, Fan Bridge is the godfather of fan building. Their ultra-intuitive platform automatically creates a highly engaging summary of your social media content – and delivers it to your fans email inboxes weekly. You don’t get much more engaging than that. If you’d like to turn your likes and followers into valued brand sharers, check out: www.fanbridge.com .

For Ticket Selling Superhumans

Once you’ve got your event out there, how do you sell tickets online and save your self some cash? Easy, Ticket Tailor! Ticket Tailor is everything a standard (boring) ticketing agency isn't. It’s simple, quick and best of all – charges no bookings fees. Facebook, blogs and website integration means it’s the perfect tool to turn all your promotional effort into hard cash. Easy to read graphs let you keep track of your orders too – and there’s even a smart phone version for on-the-go selling. To get a slice of this marvellous software, check out: www.tickettailor.com .