December 2011 Posts

Do You Want to put Events on at the Olympic Stadium?

Ever wondered what it would be like to host your events at the Olympic stadium? The Olympic Park Legacy Company have created a competition which gives event organisers the chance to do just that.

2 Minute Interview: Fusion Dance Troupe Company

It’s time for our second instalment of the series!

Next to take the two minute bonanza are the brilliant Fusion Dance Troupe Company.

Before you answer our 12 second questions, give us 3 sentences about your industry and where your company fits in:

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Club Tickets Online

Parties just aren’t the same with two people on the dance floor and one person at the bar. That’s why selling club tickets online should be great value and easy as pie.

Ticket Tailor charges absolutely no booking fees – we let clients set and keep their own. There are also SMS e-tickets available so that door entry is smoother. Additionally, payments for ticket sales are also paid directly into your PayPal account.

Ticket Tailor also integrates seamlessly into your website & Facebook – allowing you to turn Facebook fans into happy clubbers. And with the ability to set and sell multiple ticket types, Ticket Tailor is the all rounder that your ticketing process needs.

We’re great for last minute tickets too – you can sign up and have tickets on sale in less than 5 minutes.

Top notch clubnights SOUNDCRASH and SWN are fans of Ticket Tailor.

SWN gives it the thumbs up: “It’s made it handy for us to have all our shows on sale in one place, and link the graphic for the show directly to the ticket. It’s been a great addition to what we do.”

SOUNDCRASH agree, pointing to the huge savings that comes from selling tickets online with us: “ [Ticket Tailor is] enabling us to re-coup the majority of our booking fees whilst not having to re-engineer the back end of our site to do this directly.”

Sound cool? There are tons more features, check them out here.

Make Sure Your Christmas & New Years Events Sell Out

How to ensure your Christmas and New Year’s events are sold out

Two people, four cocktails and one party popper… Hardly a happening party right?

That’s why it’s the most important time of the year to make sure your events sell out.

Now, we know that event organising is no piece of cake. Here’s two of the best tips to make sure you sell out every gig, venue or party you put on.

Think Small(er)

Large, half empty venues impress nobody. But a smaller room full of energetic ravers, fans or guests is sure to get you a good name. So why book (and pay) for a venue that won’t be filled? The crowd itself gets the crowd going, so why not book somewhere a little smaller and have that big, proud ‘sold out’ sign slapped on your next event’s window.

Around the festive period, club and venue rent prices tend to be slightly higher. So not only will you save yourself some cash on the rent, you’ll also have a comfortable number of guests to ply with great music!

Mobile Madness

Mobile marketing is underrated. No doubt many of your customers carry their phones glued to their fingers (texting timmys) or their ears (talkative tracys). When it comes to getting your event found, you could try something novel like Flypost. Using this app is one of the easiest ways to get your event to the top of the “OMG-I-cannot-miss” list. Check them out here.

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