2 Minute Interview: Fusion Dance Troupe Company


It's time for our second instalment of the series! Next to take the two minute bonanza are the brilliant Fusion Dance Troupe Company.

Before you answer our 12 second questions, give us 3 sentences about your industry and where your company fits in:

The Fusion Dance Troupe Company are a Dance Company formed in 2006 consisting of members aged 6-23 Years who are trained many styles of dance and modelling. Many members are represented by our Agency and work professionally in Theatre and TV - and perform regularly throughout the year across Essex and London and have even performed at Disneyland Paris.

In June 2011 they won 'Best Troupe' at Her Majesties Theatre Showstoppers.

Question 1: Sum up your events in a sentence?

We hold a Showcase each year to showcase our members latest work and invite Industry Professionals to watch to offer opportunities.

Question 2: Why should people come to your event?

To watch local talent at its best and potentially cast any future roles.

Question 3: Why do you like working in this industry?

Because I love to be able to offer opportunities for my members and being a performer myself receive such a reward from the final outcome.

Question 4: What’s been your most successful event?

Showcase 2011 was a collaboration of The Fusion Dance Troupe Company and selected members from Fusion Performers which sing and act. This year 5 members were signed from it.

Question 5: How has Ticket Tailor helped you sell tickets for your events?

Ticket Tailor took over the hard work of selling and producing tickets of my hands, making my job as a Director so much easier.

Question 6: How were you selling tickets before using Ticket Tailor?

Before I was creating and posting them myself - taking endless calls, and chasing funds.

Question 7: What’s your favourite way to market yourselves?

Via the World Wide Web and social networks.

Question 8: If you could invite one celebrity to your event, who would it be?

I would invite a London casting Director.

Question 9: And why?

To offer any possible openings in castings to my members.

Question 10: Where do you hope to be in one year?

Getting bigger and better events and results!

Check out Fusion Dance Troupe Company at www.fusiondtc.co.uk.