January 2012 Posts

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Business Events Tickets Online

The more people you can share your knowledge with, the better. Ticket Tailor doesn’t charge any per-ticket fees whatsoever – we allow you to set and keep your own. This means it’s cheaper for you to sell tickets for business events, freeing up cash you could pump into making training sessions the best they can be (or a greatly deserved holiday!).

#EventProfs: 8 Twitter Accounts Event Organisers Should Follow

It’s always useful to find out little pointers about how to make your event bigger, better and more cost effective. If you sell tickets online or promote events, here’s 8 twitter accounts you can’t afford not to follow. Click their names to go to their twitter pages.

2 Minute Interview: Itchy Feet

It’s that time again folks, drumroll please…

Next up to take the two minute interview are Itchy Feet!

Before you answer our 12 second questions, give us 3 sentences about your industry and where your company fits in.

Itchy Feet Events is the worst kept secret in the vintage dance scene. Roaming from town to town we throw parties where it’s all about the music. Leave your ego, inhibitions and trainers at the door. Pop a feather in you hat, and shake it out to the sounds of funk, soul, rock n roll, rhythm and blues, swing, reggae and ska. At Itchy Feet – its all about the old.

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Festival Tickets Online

Of course, festivals need masses of music and mad, fun time guys and girls. So let’s say, you’re selling in excess of 100 tickets. If you are using a ticket agency, the booking fees alone could take over a third of your revenue.