One of the Best Ways to… Sell Festival Tickets Online


Of course, festivals need masses of music and mad, fun time guys and girls. So let’s say, you’re selling in excess of 100 tickets. If you are using a ticket agency, the booking fees alone could take over a third of your revenue.

Ticket Tailor are different. We don’t charge you a single penny in booking fees – but we allow you to set and keep your own if you wish.

This means that the third you would have given away is now yours to keep… and then some!

Discount codes can be applied to any tickets too, so you can use the promotional tools provided by Ticket Tailor to sell more tickets with money off promotions (or competitions, or buy-one-get-one-free’s… the list goes on!).

Packages start from a low £9/month, with no hidden costs. You can also upgrade and downgrade to suit your usage – perfect for festivals which only happen a few times a year. 33 Festival Fanatics FIELDVIEW FESTIVAL are fans of Ticket Tailor.

They've pointed out how using Ticket Tailor's software to sell tickets has benifitted their popular festival:

"Ticket Tailor were happy to help us keep it simple for us and our customers. Everything was delivered ahead of schedule and exactly how we wanted in to look and work. The unique Ticket Tailor system allows us and our customers to save money. Everyone wins!"

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