#EventProfs: 8 Twitter Accounts Event Organisers Should Follow


It's always useful to find out little pointers about how to make your event bigger, better and more cost effective. If you sell tickets online or promote events, here's 8 twitter accounts you can't afford not to follow. Click their names to go to their twitter pages.

Event Magazine

Want to keep up to date with all the news from the event industry without much effort at all? One click will allow you to do just that. Event Magazine’s twitter feed brings you the best stories about the latest goings on your industry – keeping you on top of your game at all times.


Angels Den

Looking to grow you events empire? Following Angels Den could certainly help. Having a directory of the best networking and investment opportunities – fed straight to your twitter homepage, no less – is something no events entrepreneur should miss.




The festival organised for twitterers, by twitterers. But there’s more to it than that. These guys aim to make a real difference with social media. Having raised over $1.75 million for commendable causes, every eventster with a big heart or philanthropic streak should get following!



Julius Solaris

The founder of the most useful event blog is most fitting – event lovers don’t get much better than this. Sharing trends for the future and tips for the present, following Julius’ is great way to keep up to speed with the best of practices for event organising.

Joe Bludgen

Hammering the costs of your event down is never easy. What is easy, though, is following the man who aims to make your events as cost effective as possible. Joe Blunden’s shares the some of the best ways to generate more revenue, promote yourself more effectively and put on the best events you can.


Paul Cook

Want an oracle for events? It comes in the form of avid event twitterer Paul Cook. His philosophy is connecting event ideas to knowledge and following his twitter account will help you do just that.

Jeff Hurt


Jeff uses twitter to give you the complete guide to using twitter for your events. With social media at the dominant level that it is, it’s crucial to use it to your advantage. If, miraculously, you’re not interested in getting the best from social media, you should follow for one simple reason… He has an excellent cartoon moustache.

Ticket Tailor

Whilst your on a following spree, why not follow us too? We'll keep you up to date with some of the best events resources  and bring you news about our booking-fee free ticketing software.