Creative Marketing: Making your event the cream of the crop


There’s no point having the best event, put on by the best people… and no creative vigour behind marketing it. Marketing is one of the crucial activities of many organisations – but traditional marketing can be outdated and effective if not applied with creative finesse.

We at Ticket Tailor want to help out with this problem by showing event organisers some great examples of viral and guerrilla marketing that can be applied to their events.


Publicly Stuntin’

The term ‘Publicity Stunt’ can conjure up images of poorly executed campaigns to slingshot a company into the awareness of society. Often controversial, these can be a risky tactic. But providing they are well thought out, they can also be the best idea you ever try out to market your event.

Freaky Flyers

Who says flyers have to be a rectangle with (heavily photoshopped) beautiful men and women to promote your event? Why not involve masses of colour, perhaps even a little humour, to make your flyer stand out and stick in people’s minds. Flyers have been shaped like clouds, swords and even apples – so nothing is off limits.

Props, Props and More Props

Props can be reminiscent of magic shows for kids, but they can draw positive attention to your event. Perhaps a giant disco ball on a busy high street isn’t suitable but thinking up something small in size, but big in impact, might just do the trick. Props have included life sized chocolate bars, pint sized cars and even wigs for puppies.


Yes, that’s right. Something as simple as stickers can make your event stick out like a well manicured thumb (see what we did there?). It’s a proven fact that everyone loves stickers, so why not give us what we love? Stickers are fantastic for creating illusions on surfaces, so why not give them a try.

That’ll be… £0.00 please

Free stuff is a great way to pull lots of people in, not just students. In difficult times, offering free gifts with your marketing is a sure winner. If your freebies are branded too, that’s extra point in your favour. Try giving out useful stuff like USB drives or tasty stuff like sweets – you’ll soon get people talking about your event.