March 2012 Posts

Ticket Tailor Celebrates 100,000 Tickets Sold!


We are absolutely ecstatic over here at Ticket Tailor HQ – We’ve reached a huge milestone of 100, 000 tickets sold!

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Theatre Tickets Online

You’re putting on the best show since Grease and you need to sell theatre tickets online in the best way possible. So when you’re considering given a huge chunk of your revenue to ticketing agencies, consider how much you can save with Ticket Tailor.

Promoters: Top ways on to the “OMG-I-Cannot-Miss” List

So you’re an event organiser and you’ve read last month’s blog about creative marketing. Your creative juices have been flowing. So lets take it up a notch – how do you make your event live up to the excellent marketing you’ve put out?

Showcase: How UX People Sell Tickets Online

What’s the event?

Type of Events

The UX People conference is the creation of Zebra People; Britain’s first ever recruitment consultancy to focus specifically on user experience resourcing solutions. They expect all delegates to come away from their annual conference having gained practical knowledge from the most creative and inspiring speakers and projects from around the country.