May 2012 Posts

Top 5: The Best of Our Blog

Now and again in life, it’s good to have a look back on fond memories. We’ve extended that sentiment to our blog, and decided to bring you the best of our past blogs!

One of the Best Ways to… Sell Private Party Tickets Online

Customer information from tickets sold for private parties should be kept just that – private. Ticket Tailor, unlike many ticket agencies, doesn’t use your customer data for our own purposes. That means your customers will never receive promotional literature from us – that would be unfair. The same applies when you sell tickets for any event using Ticket Tailor.

5 Top Tools to Share Your Events Online

You don’t need us to tell you that the social media revolution is here to stay. But how can you share an event taking place in the heart of London with the rest of the world? Or share a buzzing festival up in Scotland with your mates in China?

New Feature: Improved Facebook App

In a world dominated by social media, it’s important that your guests are able to get tickets via their favourite social websites. With the Ticket Tailor Facebook app, a ‘Buy Tickets’ tab is added to your Facebook page so people can buy tickets instantly.

New Feature: Ticket Grouping Quantities

Over here at Ticket Tailor HQ, we’ve been working hard to make our system even better. We’re proud to announce our new feature that we hope makes an event organisers life just that little bit easier.

With our system, you can now set a selling quantity for a group of tickets.