New Feature: Ticket Grouping Quantities

Over here at Ticket Tailor HQ, we've been working hard to make our system even better. We’re proud to announce our new feature that we hope makes an event organisers life just that little bit easier. With our system, you can now set a selling quantity for a group of tickets.

For example, say you want to sell 100 family tickets, which could be any combination of adult tickets and child tickets. To prevent over selling, you would have to reset the ticket quantities every time a ticket was sold.

Now, you may set a quantity which will retain an equilibrium, no matter how many child tickets or adult tickets are sold. Furthermore, due to this new feature, you will never oversell tickets.

To do this, login to your dashboard and create a new event or edit an existing one. Click 'Add new ticket group'.


Insert the name of the ticket group, for example 'Family Tickets' and the quantity to be sold.

This group will now be ready to hold tickets.

To add tickets to the group just select the name of the group from the drop down box.

Once added, the total tickets sold will not exceed the limit put on the group – in this example 100 tickets.

As with any event, it’s difficult to know exactly how many tickets you will sell. Without this feature, you would have to continually reset the ticketing quantities when selling a group of tickets.