One of the Best Ways to… Sell Private Party Tickets Online

Customer information from tickets sold for private parties should be kept just that – private. Ticket Tailor, unlike many ticket agencies, doesn't use your customer data for our own purposes. That means your customers will never receive promotional literature from us – that would be unfair. The same applies when you sell tickets for any event using Ticket Tailor.

Don't forget, you can also create discount codes for specific tickets too, customise your box office and keep track of all order with our automated sales graphs.

We don’t take any unfair booking fees from you either, just a simple subscription starting from a mini £9/month. There are no minimum terms or amounts – you can set up for free, sell tickets, and downgrade your package back to the free package whenever you don’t have any parties on sale.

Sound good? There are so many more excellent features – you can check them out here.

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