Top 5: The Best of Our Blog

Now and again in life, it’s good to have a look back on fond memories. We’ve extended that sentiment to our blog, and decided to bring you the best of our past blogs!

This isn’t any an ordinary blast from the past – we’re bringing you the crème de la crème, the funny bits and the downright awesome highlights from our blog posts from the last few years.

1. Our First Ever Blog: Selling tickets online: Our top tips

This was our first ever blog post detailing the best ways to sell tickets online. Since 2010, our mission hasn’t changed – to bring event organisers a smarter, cheaper and fairer way to sell tickets online. Have a little read of the snippet below:

1. Offer incentives to buy early

Unless you event is definitely going to sell out, their should be an incentive for people to buy early. Not many people will buy tickets before hand if they can get in for the same price on the day. A couple of pounds savings or some added extras will give people the incentive they need to buy in advance.

2. List it everywhere with links to tickets

There are loads of free listings websites and you should try and list your event on all the relevant ones. Make sure you include a link to your tickets page so people can click through direct from the listing. You should also contact any websites affiliated with your event and make sure they have the correct ticket links too.

Sound good? Read the full article here.

2. Are you an event virgin?

Another hit from our archives is our meander through what to do if you are organising an event for the first time. The aim here was to give first timers a quick, and useful, low down on how to stay on top of things – especially as organising events can get very stressful. Check out the snippet below:

 You do too much, you’re not superman you know

Getting help in is always great – they’ll be able to advise you on what works and what doesn’t, give ideas on how to advertise your event, who to invite and what to charge. Most importantly, they’ll be able to split the stress with you.

Small and Informal now, Glastonbury late

Things can easily spiral out of control if you don’t have much experience with event planning. Also, starting small means you can learn from any mistakes you might make – without too many dire consequences.

Want to read more? View the full article here.

3. Top Event Tools

One of our most popular blogs was this one: 4 Super Savvy Tools for Event Organisers. In this blog we reviewed some of the best tools to get your event enterprise up and running as easily and quickly as possible. Using a mixture of these tools, you can set up a box office, sell tickets, share your events in one click and build your social media following. Have a peek at what we wrote:

 For Social Network Soldiers: Eventasaurus is every event organisers dream – imagine being able to post your event on several social networks at once and reply to any queries super fast from one platform.

For Event’s Listing Lovers: Using Bullseyehub is the equivalent of personally sending an event invite to the entire online event community – you can list your event once and publish it across the web with a single click.

For Fan Base Fanatics: Fanbridge’s all inclusive software can literally grow your brand fan base by millions.

Ticket Tailor, for Ticket Selling Superhumans: Once you’ve got your event out there, how do you sell tickets online and save your self some cash? Easy, Ticket Tailor! Ticket Tailor is everything a standard (boring) ticketing agency isn’t.

Treat yourself, read the full article here.

4. The OMG List!

A concept thought up by the creatives at Ticket Tailor, the OMG list is defined (tongue in cheek) as; “A list possessed by the coolest socialites onto which event organisers seek to feature their events resulting in eternal glory”. Doesn’t that sound fab? We put together a handy list of the quickest ways onto such a list, giving real advice to event organisers who want to boost their guest list numbers. This was a follow up to our blog the week before: top tips on how event organisers should creatively market their events. Check out a little snippet below:

 Style and substance!

There’s no point having sophisticated marketing, great planning and… a flagging event. Think of who you could invite to liven up the event or inject some specialist knowledge. For example, if you were holding a conference on animal care, why not invite a zookeeper? It’s that simple logic that can take you event to the next level. Of course, if you’re hosting a business event and happen to know Richard Branson, we’d recommend you get his RSVP, A.S.A.P.

There’s more snippets of wisdom in the full article here.

5. Ticket Tailors Exhibition

Don’t you love it when you see the signs “try before you buy”? We definitely do. So we decided to show exactly what we do best – box office website integration – before you spend a penny. We gave a snapshot of some of our neatest website integrations, ranging from festivals, to comedy shows and business expos. As they say, a picture says a 1000 words – so enough with our chitter chatter, check out a few of our integrations below and view the full exhibition.

SWN Presents: Cardiff’s coolest club night.

The Machynlleth Comedy Festival: Only the best comedy festival in the galaxy.

The Venue Halifax: One of the best live music venues in the UK.

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