Some of the Best Event Books


Every now and again, it’s nice to get away from the glare of a computer screen – especially in the glorious London weather. So why not relax in the sun and learn a thing or two more about putting on events from the experts? Although it may seem that events books aren’t as up to the minute as event websites, they are a great source of information. Books covering the event industry range from purely academic to downright chatty – and we’re bringing you some of the best of them.


Successful Event Management: a Practical Handbook by Anton Shone & Bryn Parry


When it comes to events, practicality is key. There is not much point taking advice which is neither practical nor workable. Luckily, this book avoids abstract advice, only detailing the most crucial aspects of event organising and how to implement them. It also provides guidance on the problems faced by many event organisers – and how to avoid and solve them. It’s hands on approach and clear language makes this book a winner for all types of eventsters.

Corporate events

Happiness is a Ticked Off List!: The Comprehensive Guide on How to Organise and Manage a Perfect Corporate Event by Karen Lindsey

Although this book is rather niche – and an excellent guide for the corporate events industry – it can be used by a wide range of event organisers too. It’s cheerful tone and digestible advice makes it relatable for many of us in the events industry. The author, Karen Lindsey, is also known for lecturing at British universities, so her material is incredibly diverse – great for new comers and seasoned professionals.


Events Management by Glenn Bowdin, Johnny Allen, William O'Toole, Rob Harris & Ian McDonnell

Events, as with any subject, is incredibly academic too, so it pays to read literature which is reviewed by academic professionals. This title brings together a multitude of event professors for an in-depth, yet readable, exploration of event management as a discipline. This title is fantastic for those who would like to expand their knowledge of the industry from a structured perspective; using theory to enhance the way events management is executed in reality.

Green Events

Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide by Meegan Jones

The green agenda has gained significant coverage in the world press and the events industry is no different. The focus on providing sustainable festivals to using recyclable materials at events is more prominent than ever. This book by Meegan Jones is a fantastic guide to the whys and what’s of managing an environmentally friendly event. The practicality of this guide is great too – there are steps everyone can implement to make the events industry just that little bit greener.