Showcase: How Regents Park College, Oxford Sell Tickets Online

Regent's Park College

What's the event?

Regent's Park College, Oxford, plays host to the Ministerial Gaudy and the Henton Davis Memorial Lecture.

Type of Events

At the colleges and halls of the University of Oxford, a gaudy is a college feast and is often a reunion for its alumni. It's a celebratory formal dinner, generally in black tie and academic gowns and can include events such as chapel services, lectures or concerts beforehand. 

Regent's Park College

How Ticket Tailor transformed their ticket selling:

Switching From Physical to Digital Tickets

Traditionally, tickets to Regent’s Park College’s gaudies were sold physically, which can cause organisational issues - not to mention the prospect of losing paperwork.


By switching to selling tickets online with Ticket Tailor, Regents Park College are able to reduce administration costs and time spent managing their ticket sales. They are also still able to sell physical tickets if they wish and house all customer data in their Ticket Tailor account. Some other ticketing platforms do not allow clients to input data from alternative ticket selling routes.

What do they think of their new system?

"Before Ticket Tailor, we were selling tickets via a long and tortuous manual procedure. Since implementing their system, it’s simplified the process and made it much more professional."

Tim Pottle, Development Manager


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