New Feature: Seating Plans

UPDATE 2016: We currently can’t support interactive seating plans.

For some events, seating is key. It’s important that if you run events whereby customers need to purchase specific seats, these customers are able to do so quickly and easily. That’s where Ticket Tailor’s new seating plan feature comes in. With this neat addition to our service, your customers can now choose exactly which seats they wish to purchase tickets for – complete with an aerial map of your venue.

The seating plan feature will allow your customers to “select seats” from your box office, similar to the picture below.

This feature also allows you to assign different ticket types to different sections of the seating plan. Often, seats nearest the stage are dearer than those further away. So for example, you could charge £50 for Row A seats and £70 for Row B seats – and so on.

Once a customer clicks on the option to select seats, an aerial map of your venue will pop up detailing which seats are available and which seats are unavailable.

Furthermore, when a customer clicks on the seat(s) they wish to purchase tickets for, they are shown the seats they’ve reserved on the map and in your box office.

If you are interested in having a seating plan set up for your events, please contact us.  A set up fee will apply for us to build your seating plan which depends on the size and layout of the plan.


Ray Chetti

about 2 years ago

Do you support interactive seating plans in 2016?

Ticket Tailor

about 2 years ago

Hi Ray, I'm afraid we still don't have it. We're looking into this in the future to see how we can add it again


about 2 years ago

How much set up fee

Ticket Tailor

about 2 years ago

Hi Jay, I'm afraid we don't have a seating plan anymore. We'll look into this more in the future.

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