How to Make your Event Greener

With the London 2012 games just round the corner, the capital is inevitably going to be put under a considerable amount of pressure. Among this pressure is the vast amount of waste that London will have to endure. Here at Ticket Tailor, we thought a great way to minimise this is to find how we can all make our events a little bit greener!

E-vite your guests

Emailing invites saves time, paper, money… so how much persuasion do you need! This works great, especially if your guest list is quite long or your guest demographic is far reaching. Nowadays, most people have an email address that they check regularly, so it’s unlikely they will miss your invitation.

Use E-tickets

Likewise, e-ticketing is great for the environment too. Using a service like Ticket Tailor can save you hoards of cash and lessen the strain on the British environment – as well as across the world! The other great thing about e-tickets is that they are rarely lost, and when they are, they are easy to re-send.

Use biodegradable props

For example, if your event is a gala dinner, use cloth napkins, silver cutlery and reusable table cloths to minimise wastage. The Olympics are a huge cause for celebration, so if you are throwing a party, ask your guests to keep and refill their cups. It’s not too much trouble and will cut down on costs too – not to mention less time spent clearing up discarded cups all over your lovely venue.

Take advantage of the locality

Decorating a venue doesn’t always mean heaps of balloons or bunting. Try using natural decorations such as leaves or stones. Plants can give an air of sophistication too – which is great for the upmarket events. You can even give smaller plants to leaving guests as gifts – making a great lasting impression.

Use LED or energy saving lighting

Most events rely heavily on great lighting. To ensure your event is as green as it can be, why not use bulbs which save energy, save the earth and save you some wonga? These bulbs can last years – so they’re reusable and durable too.