A cheaper alternative to Eventbrite

Hey, welcome to the Ticket Tailor blog. Ticket Tailor offers an online ticket selling system with a difference: we don't charge any per-ticket fees, and instead a predictable low monthly fee. If you are new round here, check out our home page. We think Eventbrite is cool. It has a load of great features and has done a lot to disrupt an old-fashioned ticketing industry. But Eventbrite is expensive and those fees can really add up.

Example with Eventbrite

If you are running an event with a 500 capacity and selling tickets on Eventbrite at £10 a ticket then you are looking at fees of 2.5% + £0.65 per ticket + 3.5% credit card processing fees. That works out at a whopping £450 service fees + £175 credit card processing fees. A grand total of £625.

Example with Ticket Tailor

Let's take the same example with Ticket Tailor. We charge a monthly fee for the period of time that you sell your tickets. Let's say you are selling your tickets for your event over 3 months and you have one event so you would be on our Promoter package (£9/month+vat). Our service fees would be a total £32.40 including VAT. For payment processing we work with Stripe and PayPal. Stripe charge 20p + 2.4% per transaction so you would pay at most £220 processing fee. A grand total of £252.40 saving you £372.60.

Still if margins are tight and those £220 processing fees can be hard to swallow, we also allow you to add your own booking fee to your tickets. You can set this to whatever you want and this is money you get to keep. This can be a great way to cover these costs.

There's obviously more to consider than just cost and we hope to delight in other areas too. Take a tour of Ticket Tailor, read our blog posts, check out our pricing page, and sign up for a for free to try it out for yourself.