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When you search for “Sell tickets free” online you get a whole load of companies all saying “Our service is free”. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that what they really mean is that they will pass their fees on to your customers in the form of booking fees. If you tot up these fees, you will see that they amount to rather a lot of money.

Sell tickets free Some ticket agencies claim their service is free, but it’s not as simple as that.

So the customer ends up paying more to go to your event, but this is costing you money too. Without these booking fees, you could have charged your customer more for a ticket, pocketing the extra £1 or £2 that normally goes to the ticketing agency yourself. Alternatively, you could have made your event cheaper for your customer and, in doing so, attracted more customers.

At Ticket Tailor we charge no booking fees. We ask for a low monthly fee instead, and there are no contracts or minimum-commitment required (see our pricing page). In addition, you can sign up, set up your box office and start selling tickets for free; we will only ask you to start paying when you make your first sale.

Cheaper than free!

Eh? How can you be cheaper than free? Well, we have a neat little trick. We allow you to set and keep your own booking fee on ticket sales (this is totally optional). So, you could charge £10 for a ticket and add on a £1 booking fee, and we don’t take any of that and it will more than cover your payment processing fees with PayPal or Stripe.

We think this is a much fairer way to do it.


seneca belly

about 4 years ago

Thanks for Sharing this Post! As, i am also looking to sell online tickets from the best ticket search engine UK.

Smith Alex

about 4 years ago

Hi Friends , I'd love to share a great website here can help you to sell your events ticket for free, They will post events for free You only need to send details by link : . Works for me a tons :)

Karen Gibson

about 2 years ago

how does the E ticket work please. When I test the QR code on the dummy ticket I do not see the number of people who have booked per booking.

Ticket Tailor

about 2 years ago

Hi Karen, If multiple tickets are under an order then all will list when you scan the code. Which app did you use to scan it with? and which order? We can check. Can you send us your company name via so we can find your account and see?

Karen Gibson

about 2 years ago

I used QR bot , will send more info to e mail as suggested.

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