Sell tickets directly from your website

Great news! We've just introduced website widgets that allow you to sell tickets online direct from your website. The customer can go through the checkout process without leaving you site, and all you need to set it up is  a couple of lines of code. See the example below:

[tt-event url='//' minimal='false' bg_fill='false' ]

To get your widget code, login to your account, click the Box Office Setup tab and click Website Integration.

You can customise the widget with the following settings:

Event: This determines which event it should display, or select "All Events" if you want a widget that stays up to date with all of your events. Background: You can choose "Same as theme" which uses the same background colour as your box office settings, or "Transparent" which will mean there's no background colour set. Event info: Choose between "Show" or "Hide". Most of the time you will probably want to show the event info but if you are adding the widget to an event page that already has event info, then you may want to hide it.

Choose your settings and click Update. You will now see a preview of your widget. Click the link Get the HTML code. Copy and paste this code in to your websites HTML wherever you want the widget to appear. If you are unsure what HTML code is, just send this code to your web designer.

We'd love to know any feedback you have.