How to Sell Tickets on Squarespace


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a great tool for building a website. From concert organisers who are selling out arenas, to local venues putting together a website for the first time, Squarespace provides a great set of tools that has made it one of the most popular website builders on the internet. Find out more about Squarespace.

How to sell tickets on Squarespace using Ticket Tailor?

Ticket Tailor is a great option for selling tickets on your Squarespace website. You can simply set up all your event details on Ticket Tailor and then embed your ticketing widget in to your Squarespace site like so:

1) Decide where where you want to add the booking widget

For this demo I've created a page called "Buy tickets" which is where I'll add the booking widget but you can add it anywhere you want.

2) Edit the content area and click on the grey handle where you want your ticket booking widget to appear

Squarespace add ticket widget stage 1

 3) Click on the code option and it will invite you to add in some code

Squarespace insert code

Once you have clicked the code button a popup will appear with the heading "EDIT CODE". This is pre-filled with "<p>Hello, World!</p>" and this is what we want to replace with our Ticket Tailor widget code.

Sqaurespace edit code

 4) Get your widget code from your Ticket Tailor account

Get ticket widget code for Squarespace

From your Ticket Tailor account account click "Box office setup", and then click "Website Embed Codes". You can click "Edit widget options if you wish to choose which event you want to show and pick from some styling options. Finally highlight HTML code in the block on the right hand side and click "Edit -> Copy" from your browser.

5) Paste the code in to your Squarespace code block

Paste Code in to Sqaurespace

Delete the existing code in the block and click "Edit -> Paste" from your browser. You should see the Ticket Tailor widget code appear. Click "Save" on the code editing and then click 'Save' again for the content block you are editing.

6) Reload the page to preview

When you reload the widget will load on the page and if the page is public then your visitors will be able to buy tickets directly from your Squarespace website.

Squarespace site with ticket widget

The widget is responsive so it will naturally work great on mobiles too.

Squarespace buy tickets on mobile


That's all there is to it. Get in touch if you get stuck and we will be glad to help: