Sell tickets for private events


Sell tickets to a private party

We are excited to let you know that Ticket Tailor now lets you sell tickets online for private events with the addition of 2 key new features:

  1. Password protect your events and
  2. Hiding events from your box office.

Read our guides below on how these great new features work, and if you have any feedback please get in touch via email or using the comments section below.

Password protect your ticket sales

This features allows you to set an access password for your event page. Once configured, only those with the access password can access the event page to purchase tickets.

When editing an event click "Advanced options", and check the box that says "Password protect my event page". It will then ask you for a password, so enter whatever you want your customers to enter as the event page password.Password protect event page

Then, when your customers come to purchase tickets they will be prompted for a password before being able to purchase tickets:

Password protect ticket sales

Hiding events from your box office

Your box office page will list all the events you are selling tickets for. Sometimes you may be running private events that you don't want anybody on your box office to see, in which you can simply hide it.

When editing your event, click 'Advanced options' at the bottom of the form and tick the box that says 'Hide this event from my box office listings'. Then the only people who will be able to get to your event is those with the link.

We've been asked for these features a lot as they are very useful for selling tickets to private dinner parties, college reunion parties, office christmas parties and many more. We hope you find them useful, but if you have any feedback please don't hesitate to contact us.