New Feature Announcement: Auto-hiding Tickets

When you're planning an event, you've got your hands full and time is precious. The last thing you want to do is to have to login to put tickets on and off sale. That's why we've introduced our new time-saving feature: Auto-hiding tickets. You can now “Auto-hide” tickets based on three options:

1. Hide until a set date and time 2. Hide after a set date and time 3. Hide when the tickets are sold out

Why The Auto-hide Feature Rocks

As the event organiser, you can schedule when tickets are available. For example, “Early Bird” tickets can automatically be hidden after a set date, to be replaced by another type of ticket.

You can also roll-out the release of tickets over a period of time.

When you sell-out a type of ticket, you can hide them on the listing, avoiding cluttering up the ticket page.

All this can be done when you set-up the event listing. You don’t have to keep making alterations.

How It Works

It’s easy to Auto-hide tickets. Follow how I did it:

This is the edit event screen. As you can see, I’m selling 100 Full Price tickets and 50 Student tickets for Blues Night.

Edit Event

All tickets are currently “ Active”, meaning none are hidden. Here’s how my event page looks:

Order unhidden

Now, if I wanted to hold back the release of the student tickets, say until the week before the event, back on the event screen, I would choose to “Edit ticket type”.

Edit Tickets 1

Then, I would scroll down to the “Auto-hide schedule” and hide the tickets until the chosen date and time. In this example, the week before the event.

Hiding tickets 1

If you go back into the “Edit event” screen, this is how it now looks:

Tickets Hidden

Dont forget, the full price tickets are not hidden. If you hold the cursor over the yellow warning symbol next to "Student ticket" it reminds you that you have Auto-hidden them.

This is what the event page looks like after I've Auto-hidden the student tickets:

Order tickets hidden

As you can see, the full price tickets are available to buy now. The student tickets are hidden.

The Auto-hide function is easy to use and once it’s done, it’s done. If you change your mind, just go back into the “Edit ticket type” screen and remove the schedule settings.

You can also choose to hide the ticket categories when sold out, meaning that when your tickets have sold out the ticket will no longer show on the event page. It can make the page look much cleaner and you and your customers will know exactly what is available.

Alternatively, you can choose to hide a type of ticket after a certain date.

At Ticket Tailor we want to help you sell your tickets online in the most convenient way possible. Is there a feature that you’d like us to offer? Let us know by emailing or leaving a comment below.