2014 Round Up


2014 was a great year for Ticket Tailor and we couldn't have done it without the support of our clients, so thank you very much! I had lost track of all the great things that happened so I thought I’d sum them up in a blog post. We are also very excited about 2015 and the opportunities to improve Ticket Tailor further.

New features of 2014

Stripe integration We added support for taking payments for ticket sales via Stripe as an additional option to PayPal. Stripe is becoming a really popular payment system as it’s really easy to use, they pay out within 7 days, and it looks great on your box office checkout.

30% off for charities We added a 30% discount to our price plans for charities earlier in the year which has proved to be really popular. We are pleased to be helping so many charities sell tickets to their events.

Embeddable website widgets It seems hard to believe but we’ve only had embeddable website widgets for 6 months. If that means nothing, this is the ability to add your box office to your own website so customers can buy directly from your website. If you missed this, or haven’t checked it out yet, read more about it here. Shortly after we also released a WordPress plugin so you can sell tickets directly from your WordPress website too.

Event passwords and other privacy features You can now set access passwords for your events so that only those with the password can buy tickets for your event. This is great for private or exclusive events. You can also hide events from your box office listings too so that you can have events that are only accessible to those with the link.

MailChimp integration MailChimp is a popular email marketing tool for event organisers so we decided to make it easier to keep your MailChimp subscriber lists up to date with your ticket buyers.

Discount code management We have been supporting discount codes for years but until last year you had to email us to set these up for you. In 2014 we added an area to the admin panel where you can manage discount codes yourselves.

Ticket buyer self-service help area If your ticket buyer lose their tickets they can now easily re-issue them via your online box office. If they have a question about the event they can also get in touch with you directly via the contact form.

New team members of 2014

We had two new fantastic people join the team in 2014:

Lorant is our amazing product specialist who has been helping you with all your Ticket Tailor questions.

Sarah is our new resident blogger and social media manager. Sarah recently published her first post with us providing tips on how to convert your social media following in to ticket sales. Expect to see more great posts from Sarah soon.

Some great articles of 2014

The blog saw some great blog posts in 2014 including:

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2015, the year of 1,000,000+ ticket sales

We are well on target to hit 1,000,000 ticket sales this year which will be a great milestone. We also have lots of great new ideas, features, and blog posts coming this year so stay tuned.

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