How Adamotions Sell Tickets Online


When it comes to telling you about the benefits of selling tickets online with Ticket Tailor, is there anyone better placed than our clients? Adam Taffler, Founder of Adamotions uses Ticket Tailor to sell tickets for unique events including their Burns Night and Ceilidh (Burns Baby Burns!), coming up on the 23rd January.

Here's what Adam has to say:

What Can We Expect From Adamotions?

"We set up Adamotions for people who aren't satisfied with a passive experience. We are all about giving people unique things in unusual places. We have done everything from taking people on candlelit walks through Victorian graveyards before watching Stewart Lee and shadow puppetry, to foot stomping, sweat inducing ceilidh."


Tell Me About The Burns Baby Burns Event (Friday 23rd January)

"It's taking place in the stunning ecclesiastical Colosseum that is St John at Hackney. There will be stags heads, malt whiskeys and Burns recitals; 3 course banquets with Haggis and pipes and fire dancing. After, the tables get cleared away and we raise the roof with the Ceilidh Liberation Front, London's most radical dance sensation. Also face-painting, a Burns poetry corner and full Burns ritual and pageant."


How has Ticket Tailor Helped Your Ticket Sales?

"If you want to keep your customers happy, use Ticket Tailor. Our customers appreciate low booking fees and with Ticket Tailor we have been able to get them lower than anywhere else. We also love the Mailchimp link up, saves time with our mailing list."

The Ticket Tailor and Mailchimp integration is a great email marketing tool that as Adam says, saves time by allowing you to synchronise your ticket buyers with a mailing list.

Interested in hearing how Ticket Tailor can improve your ticketing? Learn more about selling tickets online with Ticket Tailor.

If you want to book tickets to the Burns Baby Burns! event, click here.