Inspiration For Event Organisers In February


It's almost February, the shortest month. Winter's still got its icy grip on us and we're not quite into the Spring/Summer events' rush. Use February as the month that you get organised for the year ahead. If you're an event organiser, here are our handy hints on how you can get inspired in February.

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If you lived in Ancient Rome, you'd know that February or "Februarius" is the month of purification. Take heed from the Romans and use this month to clear-out and refresh:

  • Revamp your social media: Plan a strategy, ditch what isn't working and take a fresh approach. Concentrate on 2/3 platforms rather than trying to do everything.
  • Reconnect with contacts that have gone quiet. Say "Hello" and use the opportunity to tell them what you've got planned for 2015.
  • Join a new network. Connect with events professionals, marketing experts and potential customers via face-to-face networking or virtual. There are many networking opportunities online. You'll find great communities on Google+ and Facebook and it's easy to join-in " Twitter hours" such as #bizhour.
  • Think about what went well in 2014 and focus on bringing those achievements into 2015.
  • Get rid of the dead wood; whether that's people, paperwork or an attitude that's holding you back. Start anew.
  • Think about how you sell tickets. Would it be beneficial to go online? Could you sell tickets more effectively?

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February isn't just about Valentine's Day. Here's what's also happening this month:

  • LGBT History Month. Find out more about the forthcoming events as well as the aims of the celebrations.
  • 8th - World Marriage Day
  • 17th - Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday
  • 19th - Chinese New Year
  • 26th - British Heart Foundation " Wear Red" Day.

spruce-image (11) Why not explore the Mardi Gras theme? Mardi Gras is French for " Fat Tuesday" and refers to eating rich, fatty foods before the start of Lent. It's now synonymous with partying, carnivals and fabulous costumes. Bring that festival theme to your event by:

  • Embracing the Mardi Gras colours - green,purple and gold for your theme. Go for masks, peacock feathers, crowns and beads.
  • Offering face-painting; Lots of glitter, bright colours and stars.
  • Theme the food: Think Creole, alcohol-infused cakes and plenty of chocolate.
  • When it comes to music, it's all about jazz.

Whether you're organising your first or 100th event this February, Ticket Tailor can help you sell your tickets online. Check out our 2-minute tour to find out more.