How To Personalise Your Event

As an events professional, you want to give your attendees the best possible experience. It's not always that simple though is it? Despite your best efforts, are you getting less than positive feedback? Are you struggling to sell enough tickets? Learn how to truly personalise your event and blow your attendees away,every time.

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No need for crystal balls. If you've held a similar event before, what feedback did you get? Analyse your existing data and plan from it. What is the main demographic of your attendees? Is what you have planned suitable?

Every attendee will have a particular motivation for buying a ticket. Understand what that is and then you can truly start to personalise your event to perfection.

Email marketing is a tool in your armoury that you should be using and is easy to personalise. Mailchimp is a great email marketing tool that's easy to work with and will enable you to design and send out a campaign to your marketing list. Import your list of previous attendees into Mailchimp and then set it up to use placeholders. This will allow you to personalise an email, by name.

Connect your MailChimp account to your Ticket Tailor account and whenever someone buys a ticket they will automatically be added to your chosen mailing list in MailChimp. In addition, we send over the name of the event the person bought tickets for, which makes it easy to target particular ticket buyers.

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Give your event a brand identity from the start. Consider using social media accounts that are specific to your event. This will help engage your attendees as well as sell tickets. Make it easy for your attendees to interact with you on social media and make sure that you monitor the accounts regularly. You might get questions asked about the event. Not answering doesn't look too good!

Carry your brand identity through the event and afterwards. Consider holding a post-event feedback session on social media. Encourage attendees to connect with each other after the event. Consider hosting an online forum or simply encourage them to connect via your social media. You want to keep the buzz from your event going for as long as possible. This will keep your audience from deserting you and will pull new attendees in.

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What are your attendees expectations? It's not difficult, think about these points:

  • The event must start and finish on time, running to plan throughout.
  • Food and refreshments provided must be of good quality and plentiful. Any dietary requirements must be met.
  • If you're providing " freebies", they must be relevant to the event and of reasonable quality.
  • Any speakers or artists must help tell the story of the event and be completely relevant. They must know their "stuff".
  • You must be available for any queries prior to, during and after the event.
  • The attendee's experience must count. They need to take something away with them, whether that's knowledge or a new experience. They need to feel that buying a ticket wasn't a waste of money.

For 2015, make personalisation a priority. Keep your attendees happy and they'll return for future events.