Design refresh for event pages and checkout flow

Your feedback helps us decide what to do next to make Ticket Tailor better. One piece of feedback we hear time and time again is that the event and checkout pages look a bit basic and dated. These pages were originally designed over 5 years ago and whilst they are practical and functional across all devices we recognised there were improvements to be made. So today we are releasing our brand new and improved checkout pages. Here’s what’s changed:

New page design

New Ticket Tailor Checkout Design

New header and footers

Instead of confining these pages to a small box like we used to, we have now spread things out to use more of the screen (no matter what device).

The header contains the event details, and optionally a header image. The header image is much bigger than on the previous design too so helping you to personalise the look and feel for your event.

The footer contains your help link as before and the “Powered by Ticket Tailor” badge. We have made this more subtle by making it semi-transparent and on certain plans, you now have the option to remove this button altogether from your box office customisation page.

Bigger text, fields and buttons

We often got requests to make the text bigger as it could sometimes be hard to read. We’ve now made the text size bigger across all the pages and it makes everything look a lot clearer and neater.

The small gray “NEXT” buttons from the previous design have now become bigger and green. This will help make it immediately clear to ticket buyers how to proceed with their order and are easier to tap on mobile devices.

Auto-hiding the fee column

As you know, we don’t charge any fees on ticket sales but we let you set your own fees on ticket sales if you want to. On the old design we had a “Fee” column on the ticket form even if you had set all fees to zero. Now, we only show the “Fee” column if you have actually set a fee on any of your tickets.

Easy customisation

You can choose the colours for your event page design and upload a header image from your control panel by clicking “Box office setup” -> “Customisation”. We’ve introduced a number of colour schemes that you can pick from, or you can choose whichever colours you like.

Date drop-downs

Some events which repeat have date selection drop-downs (if you would like this for your event, please email us: and we’ve improved these by making the date selection much clearer.

Event Date Drop Down


How to get these new designs

These changes will impact your event pages and any widgets you have embedded in to your website. To review the design of your event pages, please login to your account and go to the customisation page by clicking “Box office setup” -> “Customisation”.

Any feedback?

Lastly, we would love to hear any feedback you have got about the new designs so please fire your comments over to