Selling tickets online: 2015 National Student Pride

National Student Pride celebrated its 10th anniversary from the 27th of February to the 1st of March this year. Attended by almost 1500 students from over a hundred universities across the UK, it attracted sponsors including EY, IBM and BP, and won Best Event at the 2015 British LGBT Awards.


Why Ticket Tailor?

Through a quirk of fate, Tom Guy, the president of NSP, actually works in the same office as yours truly. Even so, his primary motivation for choosing Ticket Tailor over alternative ticketing service Eventbrite was cost; selling 1500 tickets through Eventbrite meant paying close to £1200 in commission fees. With Ticket Tailor’s pricing plan, the same event cost £72 and the difference could be turned into a better experience for attendees.

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This year’s Student Pride included a careers fair, debates, parties at G-A-Y and Heaven, and numerous ticketed activities and speakers. The event was listed on Squarespace using Ticket Tailor’s widget, and included several ticket types with additional costs for two film screenings. The ability to customise what data was collected during purchase also meant that useful information could be passed on to sponsors and used for publicity.

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National Student Pride was hugely popular this year, with 77% of students rating the event ‘very good’ to ‘amazing’. The variety of activities on offer was also very well received, but this meant that without multiple areas for ticket redemption there was the potential for large queues to form. Ticket Tailor helped organisers speed up check-in by providing a flexible app that worked on laptops, tablets and phones, and synchronised across devices throughout the day.

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Perhaps the greatest praise that we received at Ticket Tailor was the absence of any mention of ticketing by students, who were free to enjoy several days of well planned, well-funded and very impressive events.

tom guy“Ticket Tailor saved us a lot of money and a lot of time this year. National Student Pride 2015 was our hugely popular 10th anniversary, and, as most students will tell you, it went brilliantly.”

Tom Guy - President: National Student Pride