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A landing page is an ideal way to showcase your event

Landing pages are often used for conversions, but their single-page, smooth-scrolling format is also perfect for events. Most people don't need a fully functional website to sell tickets. It can be a hassle to set up and maintain, while a landing page provides an alternative that's both attractive and effective.

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It's easy to showcase images, testimonials and videos through a landing page, and have them be responsive and mobile-ready (something else you won't need to worry about).

Lander's event template also includes google maps, social sharing, a countdown, and space to showcase sponsors and speakers. Best of all, you can now integrate the Ticket Tailor widget into your landing page and sell tickets to your event directly.


There's no need to worry about filling multiple webpages with content if you're using a landing page for your event. In fact, you should be able to fit everything about your event onto a single webpage and this is a good test of that capability. If you can't, consider whether you may be overwhelming visitors with unnecessary information.


Intuitive page editor

Designing a landing page for your event is simple and takes only minutes with a drag and drop visual editor. No coding knowledge is necessary and there are wide a variety of templates to choose from.


Easy A/B testing

Take the time to optimise your page for even better results. Test up to three different landing pages at a time to find out which work best for ticket sales. AB testing

Free trials!

Take Lander for a test run. Create your own event landing page and add your Ticket Tailor booking widget (here's how). Lander has a 14-day free trial and you can even use your own domain name!