The best way to sell charity event tickets

Why use Ticket Tailor?

Charities were some of Ticket Tailor's earliest clients, and we still get warm and fuzzy thinking about how much money we've saved them on ticket fees. In fact, we still offer a 30% discount for registered charities because we're committed to providing the best value for money that we possibly can.

Looking for a reliable, effective and low-cost option for ticket sales?

Most online ticketing services will charge you a flat fee plus a percentage of each ticket's price. And that can be cost-effective... sometimes. But not often - and that's why we like to do things a little differently.


Because we did the math...

And you're probably being charged too much. Most of the time it actually makes more sense to pay $25 (the cost of one cheap ticket) and then be able to sell as many tickets as you like for a month, instead of paying a fee for each successful sale.

grateful-262x300That goes double if you're running a reasonably large event or selling expensive tickets. Charities have a hard time using traditional ticket services; the money from customer purchases should be going towards a good cause, so the lost slice of each sale has direct repercussions.

Many companies actually market this charging method as "free ticketing" - in fact, the relatively high costs are simply being passed on to the customer.

Ticket Tailor began with a relatively simple idea: Sell as many tickets as you like and pay a flat monthly fee for each event you're running.

Suddenly charity balls, school events and donation drives don't lose 2.5% plus change on every ticket. And we've helped pass on these significant savings to charities like the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the Stroke Recovery Fund and Student Pride UK.

Sound good so far?

Well don't take out word for it - sign up for a free account and try it out. Or check out our features list. We make it easy to sell tickets directly from your site, so there'll be no need to transfer potential customers away to another address. Just drop our ticketing widget onto one of your pages and you can start selling tickets immediately.

We believe in being honest and straightforward with pricing; you won't be asked for a cent until you actually sell a ticket. There are also no contracts or hidden fees, just a chap behind a desk who'll politely ask you to pay after you make your first sale. And when you're done and want to stop selling tickets, you can turn off your subscription just like that. We'll even credit the remainder of the month in store credit if you close sales early. Can't say fairer than that!

“Ticket Tailor saved us a lot of money and a lot of time this year. National Student Pride 2015 was our hugely popular 10th anniversary, and, as most students will tell you, it went brilliantly.”

Tom Guy – President: National Student Pride

“Ticket Tailor makes it quick and easy to sell tickets online. The customer service is great, they don’t take a cut on each transaction, and there’s 30% off their monthly plans for charities. All round a great service for PTA events.”

Tanja Kent Collis Primary School PTA