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There are a fair number of members clubs in London. Many charge expensive fees, most focus on in-house events, and nearly all of them are aimed at both sexes or cater to men exclusively. The Side Room does none of these things. tsr

An innovative and modern club for women, The Side Room designs every event from the ground up, then selects the perfect venue to host each occasion. As a social club, activities run the gamut from wine tasting and bespoke museum visits to lively debates with experts in various fields. The creation of entrepreneur Robin Kendall, The Side Room is one of only a few members clubs in London that caters specifically to women, though men may attend many events as the guests of members.

somerset house wine tasting7th Oct - book a wine tasting at Somerset House

Membership to The Side Room is free and events are well subsidised, occurring several times a month and always somewhere different. Highly advantageous for members with busy schedules, the varied timing of events and Robin’s desire to keep prices affordable made Ticket Tailor the perfect fit for ticketing services.

Why Ticket Tailor?

With an attractive website designed in WordPress, The Side Room needed ticketing that would integrate seamlessly without special tools or the need to move web elements around. Ticket Tailor plays nice with WordPress and comes with easily configurable event pages if clients prefer not to use our widget. The result is a crystal clear and user-friendly way to sell event tickets online.

side rooms selling tickets20th Oct - book an After Hours visit to the Old Operating Theatre

Unlike many other services, Ticket Tailor also works with PayPal and Stripe. Payments are transferred quickly and efficiently from multiple active events, giving Robin the flexibility she needs to set up new ones as they become available. With no per-ticket fees or hidden costs, members of The Side Room can continue to meet, listen, learn, taste and explore London, for a price that can't be found anywhere else.

If you think Ticket Tailor would be a good fit for you and your business, why not get in touch at Or if you’d simply prefer to sample a few varieties of tequila among friends, you know where to go.

robin kendall c"Ticket Tailor really works for our business. It allows us total control over all aspects of our ticket sales, including setting and collecting booking fees - which is ideal when running so many events.  

It's quick and easy to use and payments are forwarded as and when they are received, so we benefit by having the money in our account immediately.  We've also been impressed with their customer service response times."

Robin Kendall - Director of The Side Room