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40 NORTH Dance Film Festival explores the clear and intimate connection between art and film, and between film and dance. Countless examples of this relationship exist, from the obvious (Red Shoes, Singin’ in the Rain) to that incidental but still legendary two-minute scene from Pulp Fiction. These are mediums that complement each other, and, buoyed by the success of Polunin’s “Take Me to Church”, short dance films have started to emerge as an entertaining art form.

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40 NORTH is one of the very first examples of this exciting trend. A festival that celebrates short dance films created by amateurs and professionals alike, submissions from all over the world were screened on August 7th and 8th at the White Box theatre in San Diego. This showing was followed by 40 NORTH Selects, a curated programme featuring the best of this year’s submissions, held at Art Produce Garden amid craft beer and local food.

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If you were unable to make the film screenings, panel discussions and awards ceremony, take heart! The best films from the festival have made it into a short, 60 minute Selects piece that will be showing at different cities across the United States. The next stop will be Missoula, MT at the Vienna International Ballet Experience from January 10th to 16th.

And take note budding artists: submissions will open for next year’s festival on February 1st (2016), so there’s time to prepare. Given the festival’s success this year, it’s hoped that 40 NORTH will hold future events at multiple locations across the US, while continuing to promote filmmakers and artists making advancements in dance film.

Why Ticket Tailor?

40 North took advantage of Squarespace to create a clean and attractive site that would showcase the character of the festival to visitors. To take ticket orders directly meant finding a reliable ticketing service that was easy to use and worked well on Squarespace sites. With seamless Squarespace integration, a clear interface and a simple, flat rate for ticket sales, Ticket Tailor fit the bill perfectly.

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The inaugural festival went pretty well!

As a film and dance festival, 40 NORTH attracted interest on all sorts of different channels and needed an effective system to check in attendees on event days.

With our app based check-in, the entry process proved to be smooth and quick – as did assigning and maintaining discount codes for specific ticket orders. When it came to confirming ticket purchases, 40 NORTH was also able to customise order confirmations and maintain the event’s brand across multiple platforms.

If you think Ticket Tailor would be a good fit for you and your business, why not get in touch at hi@tickettailor.com? You can learn more about 40 NORTH and 2016 submissions on the festival’s instagram and Facebook.

CZdanceheadshot“Ticket Tailor has been awesome! The advanced AND easy ticketing options were crucial to launching the 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival.  Festival goers loved the ease of use as well. And you can’t beat the processing fee (or lack of). We definitely look forward to working with Ticket Tailor again.”

Chelsea Zeffiro – 40 NORTH co-founder


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