Bringing excitement to ticketing – A rebrand for 2017


Ticketing is often seen as a relatively dull service and an unwanted necessity. Ticket Tailor aims to change this perception with a new rebrand that truly reflects the company and its enthusiasm for events.

The ticketing and events market is saturated with companies offering a similar service, at a similar cost, often with a similar website, and usually presented using similar stock photography. Ticket Tailor’s service differs from a lot of ticketing companies by not charging per-ticket fees, so the overall goal during this rebrand was to create a brand that shouts ‘different’, whilst also communicating the personality of the company.

Our first step was to look at the brand’s core values; passionate, personal, and dependable. After exploring a number of concepts and design styles to reflect these values, the use of illustration stood out as something that could be ownable and distinctly recognisable in the flooded market. Weeks were spent crafting a style of illustration that echoed the brand values, as well as communicating the simplicity of the service on offer.

Developing the illustration style to represent people was where the imagery began to feel unique. A minimalistic approach was taken, with illustrated characters lacking hands or feet. This decision was done for both style and function – it offered an unmistakable look, and this style worked stronger on smaller screens where hands and fingers would otherwise get lost in representation. The illustrations of people were arguably the most important to get right. They offered the brand a great deal of flexibility when communicating difficult messages and could be used to represent our staff, our customers, ticket buyers or celebrities for marketing purposes.

The outcome was a set of 50+ hand-drawn illustrations that were simple, fun, and joyful, used throughout our website.

One of the challenges faced in the process of rebranding was maintaining a balance of being fun, yet professional and trustworthy. To achieve this balance, the new logo carried more of a serious tone in communicating the services Ticket Tailor provides. Gilroy was the chosen typeface for the job, offering a clean modern feel, yet with friendly attributes like the curves on terminals (typography jargon for tails of letters). When reviewing a new colour pallet, deep purple was selected as the brand colour to move forward with as the shade carried a feel of professionalism, yet with personality.


Ticket Tailor has gone through three facelifts this year and finally has a look that is aligned with the brand’s offering. When going through a company rebrand, you really start to think about the core values of the business and what separates your brand from competitors. This year, we made a really important addition to Ticket Tailor; our first in-house designer. Patrick joined us from Hogarth Worldwide and hit the ground running with this rebrand. Here's what he had to say about the process:

“When speaking with the team at Ticket Tailor, their passion and excitement for events was evident and I wanted this to be seen at the forefront of Ticket Tailor’s new look and feel. It’s important that event organisers can see Ticket Tailor is equally as passionate about events as they are.”

We love the new branding and hope others will too.