Client Spotlight: Yogific Yoga and Vegan Festivals

In our client spotlight series we highlight interesting events, the people behind them, and how they are selling tickets online.

This week we spoke to Kriti from Yogific who run yoga and vegan festivals around the world. This weekend is the Richmond Yoga and Vegan Festival in London, UK.


How did it all start?

I am a yoga teacher and vegan. I wanted to bring these concepts together as yoga is extremely popular worldwide. I was able to put together a team of other vegan yogis and we thought about running fun events that make all yogis realize that there is nothing spiritual about eating other living beings. Our events are called Yoga and Vegan Festivals and are really enjoyable for everyone.

What is the best thing about attending your events?

You get to do lots of different types of yoga, eat yummy vegan food and meet like-minded compassionate people.

Do you have a top tip for other event organisers out there?

Please organize events related to things that you are passionate about. I know that it can be a source of income for many but an event can become very popular if they reflect a part of you :)

How were you selling tickets before you found Ticket Tailor and what problems were you facing?

Eventbrite, which was way too expensive for our events which are not aimed at making profits.

How did Ticket Tailor help you solve those problems?

Ticket Tailor is very affordable, provides excellent customer support and has some really cool features which makes it very easy to use.

What is your favourite thing about Ticket Tailor?

Your excellent support team who are always by our side when we need them.


To find out more about Yogific and their festivals, head over to their website, or check out their event page for tickets to their festival.

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