New update: Cross-domain tracking for Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics integration has just had a big improvement with the addition of cross-domain tracking. This update allows you to configure your Google Analytics tracking to track visitors across your website and your Ticket Tailor box office, linking all their actions to the same user. This works with both the embedded booking widgets and also when just linking off to your event pages.

If you haven't set up Google Analytics tracking yet, read our help article to get started.

If you have set up Google Analytics and would like to add cross-domain tracking, then simply follow these steps from your Ticket Tailor Admin panel:

  1. Go to Box office setup
  2. Click on Connect apps
  3. Click on Google Analytics
  4. You should see your current settings. Click Edit settings.
  5. In the field labelled Primary domain for cross-domain tracking enter your website domain, e.g.
  6. Click Save settings and you will be instructed on how to modify the tracking code on your website.

We hope you like this update. We are on-hand to help if you get stuck.