Client Spotlight: Violette Records

In our client spotlight series we highlight interesting events and the people behind them. Get in touch if you would like to apply to take part.

This week we spoke to Matt Lockett from Violette Records, an independent record label based in Liverpool, Manchester & Paris. They run a number of gigs with some interesting twists and we wanted to find out more.

Michael Head. Photograph by John Johnson

Michael Head. Photograph by John Johnson

What are your events about?

Our events are about providing great entertainment, excellent value for money and making sure artists get paid fairly.

How did it all start?

In 2016 we launched an idea to host a regular live event with a difference. Tired of the standard live music formula of small support band, followed by medium-sized support band followed by headliner (with proportionately escalating status, audience size, time on stage and share of the spoils) we struck upon an event with no headliners (all acts enjoying equal billing regardless of notoriety), no set format (mixing music, with spoken word with art), acts appearing in a random running order, playing for the same period of time and with all profits being shared equally between the acts.

The idea seemed obviously simple, logical, equitable and different. Audiences would discover something new and cross-pollinate - buying a ticket to see Act A, leaving the venue talking about Act B, armed with books or a t-shirt sold by Act C.

We bounced the idea around for a few days before naming this new idea La Violette Società primarily because it looked good on the page! We call it "the social" for the sake of brevity.

Who are your events aimed at?

Everybody who loves music, literature and the arts.

What is the best thing about attending your events?

Comfort, entertainment, excellent value for money and a community spirit. As a challenge we deliberately hold them on the last Tuesday of the month which is the graveyard slot of graveyard slots long before for the weekend and pay day. We shine a little light into the darkest corners!

Do you have a top tip for other event organisers out there?

Trust your instincts, respect your audience and pay the artists fairly.

What is your favourite thing about the Ticket Tailor service?

Ease of setup, reliable, looks good and getting paid upfront.

If you can suggest an improvement to Ticket Tailor, what would it be?

Incorporate our Suspended Tickets feature and a face-value re-sale feature.


To find out more about Violette Records and La Violette Società, head over to their website, which features their record releases and upcoming gigs.

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