Invite your team to Ticket Tailor

Your most requested feature has just gone live, and we have a lifetime 50% off launch offer below.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 17.42.16.png

Now you can invite your teammates to Ticket Tailor so they can stay up to date on ticket sales progress, and help you manage your events and orders.

When you invite a teammate you control what they have access to by assigning them specific roles. This means you could have one teammate who can manage the content of your event listings, and another who can manage orders. Or you can give teammates admin access, or just give them access to the overview page. It’s totally up to you, you are in control. You can update what access your teammates have anytime, including removing them altogether.

It’s much more secure to provide teammates with their own login rather than sharing a master login. You control what people have access to, and any changes can be tracked to individual teammates. Sharing a master login also poses the risk that you could be locked out of your own account.

Team access is available in everyone’s Ticket Tailor account today. As standard, everyone is able to invite teammates with limited access to the Overview section of your Dashboard. To invite teammates with full access you will need to purchase the Team access add-on for a low monthly fee.

Activate the Team access add-on before the end of October 2019, and get 50% off the add-on fee forever.

To find Team access, go to Box office setup and click on Team access from the side navigation.

We hope you like what we’ve built. Please let us know any feedback, questions, or problems by contacting customer support: