10 Reasons Why You Should Be Ticketing Your PTA Summer Fair


The Summer fair is arguably the biggest event in any PTA calendar. Being the biggest, it can be the most complicated to organise. To give yourself half a chance, I recommend that you ticket your Summer Fair event - online!

"Haven't I enough to do?" I hear you cry! Trust me, a little effort upfront saves a barrel load of time and tears down the line!

We recommend using  Ticket Tailor to ticket your fair. Here are our top 10 reasons why:

  1. It’s free - most of the ticketing benefits can be achieved without spending a penny!

  2. Promote your fair to a much wider audience - easily share your ticketing link using email, text and social media. Watch those shares and retweets multiply.

  3. Attract a higher level of sponsorship - showing a sponsor that they could have such a huge online presence to the school community is very alluring to them indeed.

  4. Gather advance order info - gauge how much food and wine is required before you buy it.

  5. Send important event updates - communicate  reminders/alerts/requests to everyone prior to the event.

  6. Stall reservations  - businesses can reserve a stall and receive payment instructions or make online payments.

  7. Request contributions - ask your event community for prizes, salad contributions etc. during the checkout process.

  8. Volunteer sign-up - there are several ways to request, cajole  and sign up event volunteers in advance.

  9. Advance merchandise sales - sell fair tokens, merchandise etc.

  10. Accept donations online - add an optional donation field to the ticketing order. You would be surprised how generous people can be when you make it easy for them to be so. These donations are eligible for Gift Aid too!!

All but the online donations can be achieved without even connecting your PTA bank account! If you do wish to accept payments and donations, these are securely paid online to your bank account. No more missing floats or endless cash counting!

Ticket Tailor are excited to introduce their brand new in-house team of PTA event veterans, dedicated to helping PTA groups fundraise effectively using online tools! To celebrate, we are offering a free video to PTA groups wanting to promote their Summer fair online to their school community.  Watch those Likes and Shares multiply!

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