June 2019: Theatre Month

Role up, role up! It’s time for #TheatreMonth!


A warm ‘Hello!’ to all you Ticket Tailor users out there! I’m Stephanie, and I will be taking over our blog space for the time being. It’s exciting stuff!

We’re having a little revamp in the way we blog, as we want to have more recognition of our customers who have been using us to put on fantastic events past and present. We feel as though it’s really important to remind you all not only how brilliantly you’re doing, but how much you all mean to us by letting us help you create your events. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to feature the incredible projects that you and your company create. After all, our passion is your passion!

So this month is #TheatreMonth, where we’re going to be paying homage to all things theatre. Funny, that!

For our Client Spotlights this month, we’re going to be interviewing theatrical events organisers and see what makes them tick(et). From amateur and local productions right up to the professional stuff, we want you to share your experiences on the best things about your event.

Keep an eye out for a message in your inbox; if you’re an event planner then you may have been selected to be one of our Client Spotlights! Not only is it a fabulous way for us to hear about what you think of us, but also a brilliant way to promote your event. Hurrah!

We’re also going to be sharing advice on how to help your event be the best of its kind. Stand out from the crowd with some handy tips, and stay tuned for our D-I-Friday blog posts, where we will be helping you get in the know.

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news and stories throughout the next few weeks. We can’t wait to be sharing our story together.

Got something you’d like to share? Are you creating an event so magnificent that you want to shout it from the rooftops? Tell me your story at stephanie@tickettailor.com for a chance to be featured as one of our Client Spotlights in the near future.

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